As a professional graphic designer with a unique blend of talents, I'm capable of handling projects from initial concept to completion. My easy-going personality and indepth knowledge of product development and management make it easy for me to join a team at any stage. I enjoy the process of visioning a project, identifying the characteristics of an intended audience, negotiating with vendors, and setting strategies to reach goals that confirm the success of a given product delivered on time and within budget. I’ve worked with companies just starting out to organizations that have been in existence for 100 years.

If you feel I have the talent and skills you’re looking for, I can provide testimonies to my quality of work, impressive communication skills, astute attention to detail, and desire for brand consistency across all channels.

susanne bernier-robinson, talented graphic designer
My professional experience in transforming ideas and complex technical
information into products is complimented by my natural ability to connect clients
with resources that enhance their business and strengthen their brand.