Creating successful graphic products is all about being inspired and transforming that inspiration into tangible creative results. At Visual Communications, that is not a problem. We find inspiration in a bouquet of flowers, an old key chain, a verse of scripture, the colors in a sunset… simply stated, we find our inspiration from the world around us. With more than 20 years of diverse experience in developing marketing solutions, our mission is to transform those inspirations into creative graphic projects that bring you results. Founded in 1989, Visual Communications maintains a wide array of clientele, from small startups to well established businesses to non-profit organizations. We have achieved a reputation for prompt, personal services while delivering creations that meet each client’s individual needs. Our extensive experience in print media, electronic marketing, website development and fundraising, allows us to handle projects from concept to completion. That means your project is on time, within budget and done with a passion from those who are inspired to create.

susanne bernier-robinson, founder and owner
A business-to-business leader, Susanne’s professional experience in transforming
ideas and complex technical information into products is complimented by her natural
ability to connect clients with resources that enhance their business.